Frame damage is unfortunately common and can occur in up to 50% of vehicle accidents. Fortunately, with proper tools and technique frame damage can often be repaired. The experts at Northwest Autobody have the knowledge and tools to straighten bent frame and get vehicles with frame damage driving like new again. The frame straightening equipment at northwest autobody using hydraulics to apply torque and leverage to return the frame back to its original factory conditions.

Vehicles absorb massive amounts of energy during a collision. The energy from these impacts are dispersed through the vehicle in order to protect the vehicle’s occupants. Modern frames do a better job of disbursing these impact forces than in the past, however this creates special considerations when pulling the frame back into place. Proper Frame Pulling technique is more important than ever, using finesse rather than brute strength as was done in the past with older frames.

Proper anchoring, blocking, holding and force and angles of pulls are all extremely important to ensure perfect frame repair. Additionally, Aluminum frame pulling present special considerations as it does not return to its original shape as easily as traditional frames.

When you are selecting an auto body shop to do frame repair on your vehicle it is important to choose one with a commanding knowledge of this specialized field of auto body repair. At Northwest Autobody, we stand by our work and are always enhancing our knowledge and expertise in the field of frame pulling, frame straightening and frame repair. So, give us a call and receive a free quote on getting your vehicle’s frame repaired or any other auto body services.