Tips and DIY:

This page is designed to provide you with tips and instructions on basic auto body care and  and maintenance. We hope you will find this both informative and interesting.

Polishing an renewing headlights

Over the lifetime of a vehicle, the headlights are exposed to UV radiation and air which causes the plastic compounds in the lenses to break down and oxidize. Headlights also develop a thin layer of dirt and grime in addition to small pits and dents in the plastic from road debris. Headlights can be restored and renewed in these Four simple steps. Before beginning however make sure you have all the tools necessary to complete the job.

Get the whole video at our you tube channel:  Headlight restoration.

How to prevent rust

Leaks to the body of a vehicle such as around a windshield or door seal should be corrected as soon as possible and carpets thoroughly dried out. A close watch should be kept on window – sealing rubbers, and drain holes in doors kept clear. Wash the vehicle regularly with fresh water and dry thoroughly.

Never park a wet car in a warm garage with all the doors and windows shut. This creates a sweat box with ideal conditions for hastening corrosion.

Check the underside of the vehicle periodically and wash off any mud poultices that may have formed on protruding bolts etc.

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